Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day Call From My Favorite Missionary

My call was received at 6pm, Nevada time. Jeremy called from a members home to inform me that the International calling card I bought him only works if used in the states. Shucks! It took me awhile to figure out whether or not it would cost less to use my cell phone or the land line. I didn't even have a cheap calling card myself. I probably paid 200.00 for my Mother's day gift but oh well. You only get 2 Mother's Day phone calls so I reluctantly called the number he gave us back. Thank goodness it worked. We had a wonderful 1 hour conversation until we (and I can't believe we did this) gave the phone to John to say hi. He managed to make a few jokes and then started rolling on the floor with the phone in his excitement. We heard a click from the receiver and John heard silence. He had hung up the phone during his gymnastics routine on the floor. We were all pretty upset but managed to call Jeremy back. We got in another hour and I think he cried more than any of us. He's pretty homesick right now but definitely loves the people. The ward and bishopric are great he says. The food is awesome but he is going through an intestinal change right now and he struggles to maintain a good digestive system. The natives don't work very hard and they break all the rules. He is discouraged with this but in his last letter seemed more upbeat. I will include an excerpt from his last letter.

"This whole week has been really great because I have a lot more hope now for the mission. The only thing that really changed was my attitude about everything. But, I know that whatever problems come across us in life,we always have something to work with."
It's good to see that he can change himself when everything else seems impossible.
He bore his testimony and even has a slight mexican accent. It was truly cute! I miss him so much but know he is doing the Lord's work and our family is truly blessed as a result.

Emily's new Job

Talk about a job drop in the lap... Emily was called by a Doctor's office owned by a member of the church. My second cousin's wife is the office manager. Jeremy applied there back in May of 07 when he got out of college. He and Emily both had a little experience from Goodman and Partridge, OBGYN in Chandler, AZ. Jeremy didn't get a job as they were not hiring at the time. After Jeremy left on his mission, I left a sticky note for the office manager and let her know if she did have an opening to call Emily. Last week we got a call and after a quick interview was hired. She is hired as a file clerk but is training as receptionist, insurance handler, etc. as they all rotate to keep them from boredom. We prayed for a job for her and that it would be close. It is about 1 mile away from our home so she can walk since she doesn't have a car yet. They will be flexible with her schedule as well in the fall when she attends TMCC.

Women's Conference

Over the first weekend in May, I took Emily to Women's Conference on sort of a graduation trip. She was very excited to go. She went to some classes on "What to do now that you've graduated." She also went to a class on John Bytheway and Greg Olsen. We had a great time and now she is settling down taking those final exams in her last weeks of school. Way to go, Emily!! After one of the classes, I walked down some stairs next to Mary Ellen Edmunds. We had somewhat of a Lucille Ball style conversation as I was talking to her in my head. You know, " 'Sup M.E.E. Give me five! So tell me where I can find a groovy pair of shoes like those... . " Like she knew who I even was and I silently walked down the stairs elbow to elbow until I think she sensed my "Wow you're a celebrity", vibe and moved cautiously and discreetly behind me until I passed. For one fleeting moment we were as one; two sisters walking in one common cause.... possibly to the bathroom. That was my claim to fame.
After all what was I going to say,
" Hi, Mary You don't know me but I know you."
"I really like your books!"

"You know, you pretty funny!"
It was a little like the real conversation I had with the author, Emily Watts.
DR:"Oh, Hi! My sister really likes your books, and she's read all of them."
EW: "Oh that's nice"
DR: Well, It's not like I don't like your books. I mean I do.
EW: "OH?"
DR: Well I'd buy your book, but my sister has all of them and makes sure I get to read them. (tongue in cheek) "Well, I just had to say Hi for her"
EW: Okay.
( like I really made an impression with her)

Needless to say, my history with mormon celebs are quite lame and I don't make a practice of it. Except, for peering over fences of neighbors with houseguests such as Cheiko Okasaki. I made a point to stand on top of a chair and look over the fence to be able to see her in Linda Blaser's kitchen. Shh... and you thought you knew me.

Done with School

After four grueling weeks of school, I am finished for the semester. I passed my exams and figure I get to look at something other than the computer screen. (except for posting to my blog) I passed Eng with an A and Math with a B. I suppose I have an uphill battle with math in the next couple of years. At any rate, I'm Done, Done, Done!