Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Resolutions...

... to stop eating the contents found on top of the counter. Even if they are only crumbs.
... seek out an old friend. ( if you are my friend, determine I mean you.)
... do more walking. (other than to the bathroom and from the stove to the sink)
... write on Kara and Annette's blog more often. Maybe they will post more often.
... Be nicer to Leslie and Robert. (Maybe they will open up their blog to posting so I can say something to them.)
...Watch it's a wonderful life, again. (maybe I will get the picture and realize how much of a wonderful life I have.)
... throw out the bananas on the counter when they get to the black stage. (Just because life gives me bananas does not mean I have to make banana bread with every bunch)
... volunteer to sub in primary more. ( It sure beats a boring Sunday school teacher) more books. ( Especially the library Kara just sent me to lift my spirits from the blahs.) Thanks for all 20 of them. find a joy in each day and rejoice in it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas at our house without:

What are you traditions for Christmas?
1)It wouldn't be Christmas without eggnog. Somehow that has managed to be something that makes its way into our holiday cart every year.
2) Our annual gift exchange. Every 1st Monday we exchange names and hop in separate cars to shop for the family member on our list. We try to keep the amount under $10.00 and wrap them when we get home.
3) On Christmas eve we go look at lights and come home and the only gifts we open on this night are the family exchange gifts.
4) When Jeremy is home, our tradition is to have colored lights. For some reason he believes it is not Christmas without them. Now that he is gone, everyone else has requested the white lights, so this year and next we will have white. In 2010 we will probably go back to colored unless he gets married before then, but following Rader tradition, it probably will not happen until he is at least 25.
5) Mom does not cook on Christmas. (Wilhelm tradition) That is just my gift to myself. We have cold cereal, a tradition that was created by my parents, and the sugary stuff is even delivered under the tree by the man in the flannel red suit himself.
6) Santa always puts candy canes on the tree. The kids would not have it any other way and throw a fit if Santa forgets.
7) Hard candy. Hard salami, cheese and crackers, (a Rader tradition).
8) Stockings with candy and small gifts. The kids love to put them out the night before and the only thing that Santa allows them to open before mom and dad get out of bed Christmas morning.

what are yours?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My five beautiful kids

Yes, we have a another kid. He is the lamanite on the right, although we keep in touch more with his companion on the left. Funny how he looks more like us. Elder Rader is almost at his half way point (Jan 9) in his mission in Mexico City. He is coming to know more and more every day what his purpose is and is excited to to the work.
You may visit his blog to see more pictures and read some excerpts from his letters. Click here.

Kate is in first grade. She loves to sing, draw, write, dress up, and play barbie games on the computer. She loves pandas and recently added pigs to that list because they are so cute. Recently,we had a scare while Kate was in school. Kate walked in front of the swings and got kicked in the head. Instead of getting help she went and hid in the bushes outside of the playground. The class went in and she was left outside for about 20 minutes before a passerby found her crying. She is okay ( as well as her owhee on her head). We thank Heavenly Father everyday for her and glad she was found and brought to safety.

John is in 7th grade. He loves science and technology which are his favorite classes. John loves to build things and experiment with anything he can get his hands on. He loves to take things apart and see if he can fix them. J0hn loves to help people. He is a hard worker and is always doing odd jobs for teachers, ward members and his family. He played soccer this year and his team took 3rd place in his division as well as division sportsmanship. He loves to go geo-caching and likes to hike with his dad. John is a deacon in the quorum in our ward. John will continue his Middle school education at home through an online charter school in January.

Wendy is a sophomore this year in high school. She loves school, friends, and her new driving permit. Wendy loves music. She is in the school women's choir and loves to sing. She helps us so much in our home and will be a great mother when the time comes. Wendy is currently the mia maid President at church. She loves to read and write. I am waiting for Wendy to publish a book some day.

Emily is officially an adult as of July, although she still lives with us. She is currently working at a doctors office close to home and is going to school part time at the community college. Emily had the same English teacher as her mother and enjoyed comparing class notes together. She is serving in the single adult ward as the newsletter specialist and also on the activities board. Emily loves movies, music, and animals and swinging at the park. :) She still actively works on crafts such as beading, sewing, and purses