Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Prepared

Today is Sunday, April 27. Two days ago Reno had an earthquake. They are common here but 4.7 was the largest we've had in years. It was kind of scary. The computer I was working on kind of jumped. I thought that maybe we had an earthquake. It was confirmed seconds later that we were having an earthquake as the walls and windows started shaking. Todd was off camping on a scouting trip with John. I grabbed Kate who was asleep on the floor to go to the closet under the stairs. Before I could get her it was over. We had an aftershock of 3.4 which we also felt. They have been having lots of these a day, although much smaller. I swear I can still feel them though. Even if it's just a vibration in the floor. If they continue in frequency the seismologists predict we may get a larger quake. If they start tapering off, we may get spared.
At any rate, we spent the whole day Saturday replenishing our 72 hour kits. We still need to fill our water barrels. It was a good warning to be prepared though. It's fun to go the UNR seismology website and see how many actually show up on their map. click on active maps for Nevada/Cal. Then click on real time earthquakes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The history behind this picture is that the subject in the picture never learned quite how to tell the hair dresser how to cut her hair. She never liked the original hair cut and kept going to "edit" the "do". She obviously never figured it out because the hair line keeps getting shorter and her neck tanner.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still working hard at creating stuff

Okay, I've tried to add other blogs to my site. Tiffani's is good and Linda's won't launch. So much for keeping in touch with the gang. I also don't know if ya'll even got the e-mail to check the site out.

Missionary moments

This will be my missionary moms spot. I miss Jeremy. I hear a song sometimes that he listened to on the 'puter and I think of him. This will be his first month out in Mexico, 3rd month out in the field. He is 1/8 of the way done with his mission. I don't know how to set that up as a word problem. But, I figure if he's out for two years. We divide three months into 24 ... we get 8 segments of 3 month intervals. You following??? (I'm not either) Anyway, He's been out for 1 of those 8 segments. This, my dears, is why I'm going to school. The english is to figure out a better way to explain it, too.

Jeremy has found out he doesn't like cactus leaves. I don't either. I had yucca once. You guessed it... it was yucka. Anyway, he likes most of the other food and really enjoys the ward. He can't speak too much Spanish so he plays hangman with the kids that are in the families that he teaches. He is in one of the better apartments so he has a hot plate to cook on, a shower, a washer and dryer, and most anything he needs. Some of the areas do not have running water. They have to shower with a bucket. Some don't have washers and dryers. They use the members appliances or mostly hand wash and hang up. Some don't have beds. They sleep in hammocks. Jeremy is very lucky right now. I know it won't always be that way for him.

Kate's sick.

Kate's sick today. Threw up several times. She has been sick much this year.

Saturday I cut her hair. It was down to her butt. Lately while doing her hair for school, I struggled to comb her hair because it was matting. We spent 45 minutes one day doing her hair. I am going to school and don't have time to comb through it for that long. I can't even do my hair for that long. (I'm lying... I take quite a long time. My hair is short now. How could it take so long? It's short. (stay tuned to a picture of Diana with short hair. Will post when I learn how) Anyhow, Saturday I put her hair in a ponytail and cut it off. I think her hair is very cute and will show you a picture when I take one, after she's done being sick, after I learn to post.