Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dying hair #2 or just killing ourselves

Okay, so we don't know a whole lot about dying hair. After getting tangled up in the tinfoil, (yes, real tin foil from the roll in the kitchen) I managed to get the last piece of foil in just in time to notice that Wendy's scalp was getting mighty white. We panicked a little and washed out that one, but noticed another that was getting ripe. We had to take that one out too. We started to just pour water on every white hair we could find. After waiting for some time for the last 3 to set I decided it was time to just be done and I rinsed her hair. We joked a little about how this was the latest trend. ( I don't think she bought it) She had fun though and took it all in stride. She agreed that we did just have fun on one boring night in June. ( I don't think she'll ever be bored again) :D
My hair on the other hand seemed to turn out okay. After sitting for awhile enduring the little crochet hook through the groovy vintage airplane cap, Wendy applied the clorox, I mean the rest of the solution. We waited and then decided that I needed to rinse. After blow drying, we discovered that I could've waited a while longer. We did agree that she did a fabulous job and I definitely got the better part of the bargain.
Did we have fun? Yep!!

P.s. An hour later, "mom, can we go to the salon on Friday?" :P

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dying Hair

Wendy and I are bored. We have decided to highlight our hair and save the big bucks. Everyone's told us not to do it. But, ... shhh... we are!!! So brace yourselfs folks. This could be interesting. We are testing our strands of hair. ( and it's really turning blond) Pretty freaky if ya ask me. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Emily's graduation

Emily graduated last night. It was one of the most interesting graduations I've been to. There were about 20 beach balls that got tossed around, and it was pretty disrespectful to say the least. Wendy sang in the choir and while she did so, a blow up female doll was bounced around in the boys section. The crowd cheered and drowned out the sound of the choir. Some might see this as fun but it goes so show how degenerated (?) our society is becoming. I was pretty embarassed for the school as well as the performers. I can see one beach ball but many of them disrupting the service was out of line. What was sad were all the parents and friends cheering them on. I was suddenly wishing I were back in Chandler attending the commencement with my daughter. It was so much more dignified. I thought to myself that I might not even attend again but hold our own private graduation with a party held in my child's honor. What should have been a special night seemed to be a disgrace.

40th birthdays

Mine came and went; like the sun that rose in the morning and set in the night. Just an average day. I half expected some pomp and circumstance as if I'd entered a rite of passage. I was only reminded by one of my daughters that I'd never pass the 30's road again. I suddenly felt a little sorrow for never being able to go down that road again. It also reminded me how much we need to make our todays the best we can, so that although we cannot go down that road again, we can look back with great wonder and amazement and be grateful we had the opportunity to even pass through them.