Sunday, July 6, 2008

last letter from Jeremy

 We had 4 baptisms that fell and none of our other
investigators went to church either. We have quite
a bunch. But I'm thinking that we will have to
drop a few of them because they aren't putting
in any effort to fulfill the commitments. Oh man,
I am suffering a lot with trying to write in English.
But the good thing is that I can finally give the
lessons in Spanish. My comp told President Fuentes
that I'm ready to be senior comp, but I don't feel
anywhere near ready. I still need to learn how to
answer the questions that the investigators have
and also motivate them to keep their commitments.
But we're both pretty sure that we'll be staying in this
area for the next change as well. Well, I have officially
lost 30 pounds and I'll probably lose at least 10 more
still. I got sick again this week from the food and had a
pretty bad day when we couldn't go to our appointments.
It was pretty dissapointing because we had quite a few
that day. But today I'm feeling just great. However,
I think I'm going to make a list of the foods that are
causing me harm. Oh man, that is so uncool English.
Causing me harm. Okay...making me sick...thats what
I meant. Anyway, I was reading in the Conference
edition of the Ensign in a talk called ¨Service, a Divine
Quality¨. There is a part where he says ¨Those who
serve will accept their assignments with humility,
recognizing their limitations but convinced that two
people can do all things they propose to do as long
as one of the two people is God¨ And I really liked
that because there are many times when I can't do
what I'd like to do because of certain limitations that
come from being in a companionship. But I also
realize that God is with me because I am doing His
work and that He will not let me fail. So that is the
thought that I would like to share this week. That
our Heavenly Father loves us and understands us
and we are not alone when we stand up for the
truth and do His will. Well, I love you!
Thanks for everything! Good luck with everything
that is going on! Bye!

Update to Mother's Day Call

We got our phone bill with the call to Elder Rader. It was $248.00. I wasn't too far off. We need to find another way to call . but I have 6 months before his next call to figure things out. Jeremy don't ever say I never spent a dime on you!:D