Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remember Pacman?

To my siblings that worked at the scone shop:
This will forever be something that brings fond memories while working at Scones sandwich shop. I remember staying hours afterwork and playing this. I remember the quarters and the contests we'd have. What round can you get to?

It wasn't the chiwawas, Lucinda.... it was the motorcyle gang.

Okay, Okay..... I know I've been bad posting. It seems like nothing is quite that interesting to talk about. I have been discovered though it seems. I have been asked to give an accounting from Lucinda if I got attacked by killer bees or rabid chiwawas. It was neither, I joined a motorcycle gang. After my quilt group got nixxed by fellow guilders moving away, I couldn't take it anymore and I joined the Knarley Harley girls and took a ride. Instead of fabric, seam rippers, and subway sandwiches, it's steel tipped boots, dreadlocks, and fringed leather jackets. I have a whole new profile. (and Lucinda, even if this was true, it cuts coming from someone who won't even let me access her own blog page):)

Summer trip to Arizona

This summer, most of you knew, we took a trip to Arizona for a couple of reunions and a 90th birthday for my grandmother. On the way down, we encountered car trouble and had to get it into the shop in chandler. After 1000.00 and the van still wasn't fixed, Emily and Wendy and I went car shopping and bought a car. It is a 2006 chevy Trailblazer. It was pretty nice and still had some new car smell left to finish out the trip with. I miss my astro van so much. It was the best car. When I lament to the girls that I wish I were still in it, they respond with, "Hola, Como Esta." I am not going to respond with where the humor is in that. For those of you that have ever driven one or see who does drive them, you will understand and maybe even snicker. But, truly, it was the best car. Additionally, Emily realized that this breakdown meant, "I guess I better be saving for a car." You can guess what my response to her was.

We did have lots of fun down in Arizona. I went to my real hairdresser that does such a fabulous job and then spent time seeing friends The friends that truly care about me.... :-) ... showed up for pizza a peter piper. Thanks to: Celia, Linda, Julie, Stephanie, Lucinda, Jennifer, Mary, and Cyndi. Oh and yes, Darrell did show up with the chocolate. I think he will remain high on my list for a long time. Thanks Darrell!!!!!

Thanks to my brother, Daryl, for putting us up for a week out in Johnson Ranch. We truly know, what it is like now to spend our whole paycheck on gas. ;) It was so fun letting the kids get to know their cousins more. Jonna, you rock for making the best cinnamon rolls ever and thanks for giving the recipe to me.

After spending a couple of days in the high country with my siblings and their families gave me enough of a fix that I can go another little while living in sparks, NV. It was fun to go to all the bbq's and birthday parties and yes, sisters night out on the town. Thanks to being inducted into the "crusty ol' bras group," I now feel like I belong.

We are home, obviously and wishing we could go again. Thanks to all... it was so good to see you.