Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!!!

We tried to make a video and post it and it was to be a surprise.  You will be surprised to learn it's not here because we are too movie making illiterate and cannot figure how to post it .  The file size was too big as well as the type of file would not work with anything we have... so.... no lovely family singing happy birthday.  Hope your day was special though. 
Love US

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

one lesson I don't have to worry teaching my missionary son.

Today I had a good laugh...  we just received a letter from Jeremy.  He has been sharing some funny stories and the few experiences he's shared lately just make me chuckle.


Sorry, but this is going to be really short. I had a huge letter written out with a few stories from this week. But just when I was about to send it, the computer restarted. I'm kind of mad right now. I didn't expect it because these computers are really nice. I've been doing great. This week went a lot better.
This Sunday was pretty tiring. We basically had to babysit 5 kids that were running around the church because one of our investigators brought her kids and nephews. They have more energy and less self-discipline than john. We chased them around outside the chapel. They were opening and slamming all the doors. Then they got into the bathroom to soak balls of paper to throw at us. I will most definitetly be teaching and disciplining my own kids in the future. Also, we have to look for a new house because our landlady is a witch and keeps breaking into our apartment to make sure its clean. Its just that she's old now and misses having her own kids. Well, thats it for now. Sorry I couldn't say more. Wow, each time I write home I get more excited and more scared of coming home. I'm trying to focus on the excitement more. Well, I love you! Bye!

Elder Rader

I can still see him running from these little kids with the soak balls.... I'm glad that he has desires to be a good daddy in the future... even while serving a mission.   I'll definitely be waiting for my well behaved grandkids to visit in a few years. ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What chairs have you bought lately?

Every once in awhile, a movie comes along with a great story... a great lesson or principle to learn... I happen to like the one from the movie "Phenomenon" where Baines, a friend of George Malley (John Travolta) is at a bar with friends , gossiping about Malley and all the things that bother him.  Sitting quietly watching is the town Doc, who is annoyed and finally opens his mouth in defense of Malley.

Doc:"How's your lady love?"
Baines: "We, uh....we broke up."
Doc: "Really..  it's too bad.... yeah, now George, he's got a love at his side and she's stickin' with him.  Know why?  Because he bought her chairs. (She makes wicker porch chairs)  Pretty Smart... eh?
You ever buy Lisa's chairs?"
Baines:  "Doc's really drunk tonight!"
Doc:  "Every woman has her chairs, something she needs to put herself into...  Ever figure out what Lisa's chairs were and buy them?"

How often do we stop to find out what demonstrates love to someone we care about and buy their chairs?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleeping, eating, and pooping Algebra

Yes, I used a potty word. It is something that refers to being fatiqued. (If you don't believe me, check out wikipedia) It's not so bad that you have to sit and do algebraic equations all day to pass a class, but when you sleep algebra, consume algebra and get tired of it... It gets a little ridiculous. I woke up this morning to x's and integer signs. Ex: " Let x represent a type of math one doesn't want to do, will never use and needs to subtract from one's life. When was the last time anyone calculated the steps one takes to pick up their kid from 2nd grade in 3 min flat? I think it's about time we keep x as a virtuous letter of the word "excellent" or "exactly" and keep -(minus) signs as something we use to find out how many chocolates are missing from the
See's candy box.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Real first day of school

Decked out with her new clothes and new hair cut. ( cut and styled by none other than yours truly)

Too Hot for me!

Kate lined up for class on the first day with her teacher, Mrs. Burnley.

Wendy mentored a few freshman this year to orientate them into high school. Her first day of school decked her in a blue and gold Reed high mentor t-shirt and converse tennis shoes.

This is a big deal for John to be dressed for school. He usually comes down for class in his p.j.'s... ha ha.
Sheesh! no one look at John's shoes... he hasn't gotten a new pair yet.