Sunday, February 22, 2009

I just received the memo...

Okay, now that I got the memo... I found out that everyone and their dog is on facebook. I couldn't figure out why no one was really wholeheartedly blogging anymore. I broke every standard in my book and finally signed on the facebook. It wasn't all a bad experience as I have found the picture of my dear friend Jeannie Carter that lived next door to me in the 2nd grade. Now, all I have to do is connect with her. Next I found a good friend from high school, Deanna Porter. She and I were friends in Orchestra... I guess you could saywe were orch dorks! (Sorry Deanna). I also found an album of my high school reunion. I didn't go but there were pictures of all these old people. I thought to myself..."Self! These couldn't be any of your friends." I even thought that one of the teachers showed up to the reunion because there was this really mature lady that looked like one of my teachers. when I saw the name ... it was a fellow classmate. Okay, Diana... you are losing it and you are only 40. (If that is what happens.... I'm out of this part of the life contract) Then, I found Julie peters... my dear friend from 4th grade through....hmmm . I guess we are still friends. lol She is probably the only friend from my childhood that I have managed to keep tabs on... thanks to facebook.
I do see one problem, however, and that is I keep having dreams that I becoming friends with everyone..."Diana is now friends with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie..." Yuck! People keep throwing beads and pillows and stuff too! That is when I draw the line and say I've had too much facebook. My thoughts are swimming facebook. So, when you see me on facebook.... please make me leave so I can have a life. P.S. Oh and thanks to ya'll for being my friend on facebook. Anyone for a game of scrabble..:D ?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Road Home

Looking for a good movie? I would recommend "The Road Home." This is a chinese film with English footnotes at the bottom. I never thought I would care to watch a foreign film and even more have to read the footnotes. However, this is a very down to earth, romantic movie, yet not smothered in kissing and modern day schmuck. The movie is a touching story about a woman that wants a specific request met in the burial of her husband. It is while meeting the request that we find out the love story between woman and her husband. You can rent it at most video stores in the foreign section. I dare you to watch it and write and let me know what you thought.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Calling all valentine's to "Be Mine" for Valentine's

Conversation hearts for some reason had meaning to me when I was young. Some messages were romantic, others were not but I thought it was a great way to tell others what I actually thought of them. Take "Hubba" for instance. For some reason I thought that hubba was naughty and would never even entertain the thought of giving anyone a heart that said "Hubba". I really took this to "heart" as in the 6th grade I divvied up the candy to each member of my class. I felt pretty good about my heart that I was to put in each envelope. To the girls, I sent, " angel", be mine, etc. To each of the boys I pulled out "love" or "my baby". To one such boy named Kevin, I strategically saved the "kiss me" heart and put it specially in the right envelope. After school and valentine dance, I made sure I walked home Kevin's way (with all the girls of course). I must have asked if he got the heart; he said he did. I think I even asked if he saw what was on the heart; he said, " who cares, it's just candy!" So there you have it. My conversation heart that day read, "broken heart".
What was your favorite valentine memory? OR... just send me your own valentine conversation via my blog during this week.