Monday, March 30, 2009

Goals: They are like crying babies at church. They just need to be carried out.

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.
Bill Copeland

Boy I can relate to that. I do feel that I'm running around in a quandary most of the time. I spent most of Saturday morning cleaning the kitchen and really putting things in the right place. I had such a feeling of accomplishment that I made a goal, right then and there, to keep all my counter tops clean for a week. I know that isn't a long time, but I am hopeless. I was excited to think that I had just set a goal. I grew up learning about goals and setting them but never really achieving or having anything to show for it. I am excited about this new goal and hope to create a small miracle if just for this week. It really made me think about my whole life and that I just dream many times of things I want, but never go after to achieve them. So, maybe the Lord can make something of me after all, even if by doing the small and simple things.

We cannot all do great things. But we can all do small things with great love.
Mother Theresa

Great minds have purposes, others have dreams.
Washington Irving

The unfortunate aspect about living life without your own goals is that you may very well reach a point in your life where you will wonder, 'what would have happened if I had only done... .'
Catherine Pulsifer

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kate had a birthday!

Our youngest had her birthday today. She is 7. It is amazing how the time flies and your children are almost at the age of accountability. It doesn't take much for a 7 year old to find happiness in how old they are. Her dad told her she was old. She said, "nuh uh, 100 is old, ... or if your a grampa!" She got a scooter and she is mighty pleased. Things that are important to her today:
1) happy if I hang streamers over her bedroom door. (although, I blew it this morning because I couldn't find the tape. ) she looked for them after school. (Still not there) It is 6:27 pm. (still no streamers-bad mommy)
2) balloons are the hit of any party. (even if they don't have helium besides, you can play volleyball in the livingroom with them)
3) cake dressed up like Pandas
4) a CTR ring that is pink instead of Green.
5) Emily gave her a porcelain doll that was hers when she was seven. It has a wind up music box inside and has a beautiful purple dress. Kate has been admiring this doll for sometime and was happy to have it. She has been very carefully carrying it around.
I remember bringing her home from the hospital 7 years ago and remember how much joy she brought to our family. You still bring us lots of joy-We love you kate!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Music that influenced me for good... or bad :)

Okay I had a friend challenge me to:
Think of 20 albums (or songs) that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums or songs that no matter what people thought of them, musically shaped your world.
I have listed mine by the years in school and are not in any particular order. I have created a playlist with many of the songs listed for your nostalgic pleasure on my blog.

Elementary School
1 Al Stewart- Time Passages
( this was the very first song I remember listening to on the small portable radio my parents bought me for Christmas one year. Don’t ask why I like it ...cuz I don’t know. But I have always remembered it.)
2 Abba- The Winner takes it all, Dancing Queen, The Name of the Game
(This was my very first Cassette Tape I bought. I have always liked their music)
3John Denver:
High Calypso, Rocky Mountain High, Sunshine on my shoulders, fly away
(Anther Manilow type artist but he always sang songs that made me happy)
4 Billy Joel:
My life, uptown girl, Just the way you are, She’s gotta way about her, Allentown
5 Carpenters:
"Close to you, Hurting each other, For all We Know"
(One of the few record albums we had laying around the house)
6Kenny Rogers: Twenty years ago, Through the years, She Believes in me, We’ve got tonight.
7 Lipps, Inc.: "Funkytown" and Devo-"Whip it!", "The Hustle"
( Julie Peters, doesn’t know how much she influenced my appetite for music. We were always finding stuff to dance to. This was the very first record and only record I ever bought. We used to make up dances to these songs in the basement of her house. We even did the hustle at a 6th grade talent show. Remember the black lights, Julie?)

Jr. High
8Christopher Cross - Sailing, Authur’s Theme, Think of Laura, Never be the Same
(This guy was always the songs you danced to at the dances)
9Dan Fogelberg- Longer, Believe in me
(Longer was sung at my wedding reception)
10 Barry Manilow- Can’t smile without you, Looks like we made it, Even Now, Somewhere in the Night, Somewhere Down The Road
(I know everyone just hated him... he was a romantic and I really liked him. I believe I had a cassette tape of him)
11Bee Gee's: How deep is your love
(They were a pretty popular group. I didn't care for them but they were a big part of this era)
Others songs of note: "She blinded me with Science", "Maneater", "Africa", "another one bites the dust", "Eye of the Tiger". (These were big 80's songs that have always stuck with me. They played them in the locker room when we had to dress out for P.E. in 7th and 8th grade)

High School-college

12 Journey- Open Arms, Faithfully, Don’t stop believin
13Reo Speedwagon- I can’t fight this feeling, Take it on the Run, Keep the fire burnin.
(It was a big deal to dance on the last dance. Many times they were the songs picked for that)
14Lionel Richie- Stuck on You, Penny Lover, Truly, Hello
(True romantic. At that time, he was everyone's favorite. "Truly" made it big.)
15Michael Jackson- Thriller, beat it
(I hate this guy but I can't help that he was a big part of the 80's)
16Whitney Houston
I will always love you, I wanna dance with somebody.
(One of the best musicians of all time)

Other songs of interest: Little Texas: what might have been, Bruce Hornsby- "The way it is", "The end of innocence". Van Halen: Jump

Married life:

17Five for Fighting- 100 years, The Riddle, Superman, Policeman’s X-mas Party
18Rascal Flatts- I’m movin on, Bless the Broken Road, My Wish, Feels like Today, I Melt
19Barney- I love you- you love me ( do you know how many times I have sung that with my kids. You better believe it affected me...Why do you think I'm so insane ? :D

20 Religious songs that have special significance to me:
I know that my Redeemer Lives
I am a child of god

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update on Online Schooling

John has been doing his studies online for the last 8 weeks. He gets up at about 8:00 and starts by 8:30 am. John prints out the daily agenda and continues till about 1pm. He does some work on line and some from text books that were sent to us. He has his own computer and turns in most of the work online. His favorite subjects are Science, Music and Art. Science usually includes a project with every lesson which he loves. His least favorite subject is reading and we struggle to get him to choose those things to accomplish. We have not regretted our decision to have him do studies online. He can set his own pace and learn in a way that is beneficial to him. He has no homework after school and has even earned a "fun Friday". that day, he gets to choose a project or other learning activity in place of other subjects. He has made a lemon Meringue pie that was very yummy & sewed pillows for the family room. He would like to make a quilt some day. This month, the Nevada Virtual Academy will provide field trips to the state capitol. We are very happy with his progress.
UPDATE: I forgot to tell you: If your kid ever has a science project that uses Yeast to blow up a balloon stretched over a jar.... hide the yeast. They might just sneak up to their bedroom and try this alone and blow up the bottle in the bedroom. Trust me .... it stinks!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

mouth full o' cloves

boo hoo,,, I have a toothache that cannot be relieved with advil. I am bummed. Tomorrow I have an appointment. I have never been more excited to go. I am using cloves until then.
(oh I forgot my text lingo) eye hav uh tuthake. know advl. bmmd! tomrw pownmnt. nvr mowr xitd 2 go. uzng clovs. bi.

UPDATE: Yay 4 vicodn

Sunday, March 1, 2009

why taking English in college is irrelevant, by Diana Rader

I am currently taking English 102. I have a teacher that insists he is too busy to use complete sentences and talk professionally to the class. I asked him a question the other day and he wrote back with this response:
-include original answer with question. First of all, he did not address me. Second, what answer? I thought he was the one that was suppose to supply the answer. Third, writing in complete sentences is much more professional and easier to understand the meaning of the thing being said. It makes one wonder what one does trying to learn English when instructors do not bother to practice what they preach or example the correct model in their writing. Maybe I should learn text messaging. That seems to be the new english.