Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Words to live by

"I don't dwell in the past;
I don't wallow in old events and emotions.
I don't waste time on regret.
No use going over and over
the details of what already happened."

I regret I have nothing to say today.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pity Post

Well, I'm feeling a little guilty for my non posts to this blog and wondering just what I should even do with it. Should I delete it? Should I just type "Blah, Blah's" to keep it active? My life has become one big filled calendar. I'm officially a full time student as of 2 weeks ago. My life has definitely changed. I'm managing, but that also depends if I can remember what my  address, telephone number, and if I can count all the kids I brought into this world.
Jeremy aka (Elder Rader) just got back from his mission about a month ago and although it has been an amazing journey with him, still feel claustrophobic with 4 adults in the house. He is currently registered and attending TMCC with Emily and I as a full time student. Between encouragement to help him find a job, piano and music lessons for John and Kate, full time schooling, planning and taking meals for compassionate service, plus find time to bake bread, sew skirts for the girls, and have my genealogy lined up back to Adam, I can say I'm losing my mind. (I know, I don't do all that... but I'm still adding it for a more intensified effect) I'm feeling overwhelmed to say the least. I'm mad at my history teacher for posting trick questions which have nothing to do with the chapter and the playdough for my special ed class keeps finding its way into the hands of a little 7 and 11/12'th old girl.
So, as I was browsing through the blog list of the friends I have, stumbled across this stress diet that is fit for all. I've posted her blog so you can see what a talented lady she is... which now gives me one more reason to be overwhelmed that I am not creating and doing all of the neat things she is doing. ( I tried,...  but the glitter is still stuck in my hair)