Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Math update

I hardly know what blogging is anymore.  I have been spending the last two months basking in the sun trying to soak up any summer afforded me after spending the entire month of June in the tutelage of Math.  I can say I finally passed.  With a C-, but hey, what mother of 5 could take 3 months of math and cram it all into one?  I dare say not many and besides it is the only thing that gives me faith when I feel stupid.  since that class, I now qualify for College Algebra.  Woo Hoo!  I start today as a matter of fact.  I was going to take about 4 other classes and after my hubby reminding me that math was my nemesis this summer, scaled my schedule down to two classes.  I cried as I felt duty bound to get my education, but I gave it up and went on my way.  "On my way" was good, until being asked to serve as the Young Women President of our church's young women's organization.  The bishop assured me that if I would put my spiritual learning ahead of the secular, that I would be blessed with the capacity to do good in my classes.  This requires lots of faith and trust. Remember, FAITH is a five letter word.  Who knows but I should come out with a better understanding of the  French Revolution and guess the probability of your newly purchased laptop starting up or being defective.  At any rate, I have been asked to "play" with 15-20 beautiful and great young ladies.  I'm sure they have a thing or three to teach me.