Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 things that make me happy

Okay, I've looked at my blog for the umpteenth time realizing I can now be called "inactive".  I've always been active at most things like church and all.  But, this really bothered me that I just can't get it together.  I did however manage to read a few blogs and came across  my good friend stephanies blog.   I realized that I had something not only to smile about, but to post about.  This officially converted me back to blogging   (until a month, or two, or three from now)

Being qualified for college Math AND knowing I will pass my class at the end of the semester.

Having the best kids a mom could ever want.

My husband still loves me after 23 years. (Even when I wear socks to bed ;)

Memories of quilting  with my friends in Arizona.   Two concepts: Subway and positive/ negative week

Flowers make me happy.  They are God's lips turned upright

Candy makes my tummy smile.

Hanging out with my sisters.

Hearing from good friends.

Going out to Walmart at 10:00 pm just to hang out with a good friend.

Fried bell pepper and onion over a pepper jack cheese sandwich with avocado.
(The Santa Fe' burger at Red Robin with mondo fries on the side works too.)