Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finding happy thoughts

 School has been relatively easy now that I only have one class.  This is a direct result of being called to Young Women's president in my church and being a full time parent.  Unfortunately, I have never fit into the category of " do it all mom" EVER.  This is what I can handle for the moment and it does occupy all my mental faculties 24 -7.  Because of life's events, I have a propensity to think and dwell on all the things that make life hard. But, I heard a talk in our stake conference at church today that made me feel like I have things to find joy in. The small general authority guy in conference, can't think of his name and will fix this when I remember, Elder Anderson, talked about memory. How grateful we should be that we have lovely memories to fill our minds with things to lift our spirit.  It was after hearing these words that I realized how rich my life has been. I decided to come home and share as many of those memories with you as I can. Life is so full of sorrow and heartache...who knows we should all find some of our own happy thoughts to sow away the day.

Being down in Mexico with friends.    The kids found all sorts of little critters like this one.

Spending a weekend with Emily and her friend at Women's conference in Utah. 
D.I, ...silly glasses, .....priceless!

Being at a small gathering with family.  My brother Robert living in Nova Scotia is so far away, we skyped chatted and even found time for a "brothers picture". 

randomness in the snow with my 8 year old daughter.  Yes, I'm out in my slippers making a snowman with her.

Family trips to Tahoe are sweet, but renting Kayaks for the day are intoxicating.

A summer taking accelerated math classes with my daughter.  It was the worst of times.... It was the best of times. 

Owl watching at Home Depot cannot get any better than this.  She is nesting again as we speak and look forward to watching the new brood.

Again Tahoe has the best memories.   A family day trip led to getting to witness a wedding couple on their special day.  If this is you,  enjoy some random shots of your special day.

Okay, this I admit is not a past memory but a great moment happening now.  Wendy auditioned for All-State Choir and made it in the Alto section.  We are very blessed and happy about her accomplishments.  It will make a great memory for years to come.

What are some of your happy thoughts, moments?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Whatever you call it.... Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine,
thou art every day my Valentine! 
 ~Thomas Hood

We are all a little weird 
and life's a little weird,
 and when we find someone
 whose weirdness is compatible
 with ours, we join up with them
 and fall in mutual weirdness
 and call it love.  
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still waiting to grow fins

This is the first post of my college journey.  I ended up dropping my second class due to other duties and circumstances.   But, I'm still blogging and hope to continue the journey.... even at the rate of one class a semester.  I WILL PREVAIL!

Science isn't all that bad.  I'm learning about
biospheres, ecosystems, ecology, and dividing all forms of life into little compartments or categories.  
I even understand that the use of the word "evolution" will be applied incessantly throughout this textbook and class.  What is not fair are paragraphs in my textbook, (by Simon, Reece and Dickey, Campbell Essential Biology, Pearson Education, San Francisco, 2010.)  that refer to explanations of the earth being created by God as "diverse legends".
  As if evolution holds any weight.  It is listed in my textbook as a theory.  I learned yesterday that theories are broad and comprehensive explanations that tie in a number of observations and other data that otherwise were not related.  Yet, our scientists today refer to these theories as some common fact: and  they have convinced the world.
 Just because something cannot be proved scientifically does not mean it is not true.  Evolution has not been proved.  It is as much as theory as religion. We know the sun rises each day, and yet, we cannot "know" it will rise again the next day.  We have faith it will rise, because it has happened before.  We cannot KNOW that it will rise again because we cannot SEE the mechanisms on which it will happen.  We have ascertained through science that the world turns each 24 hours on a rotating access.  yet, we cannot explain how this rotation happens and at what point the rotation will stop.  For all we know, someone goes to the bottom of the earth and winds the wheels, just as one would turn a clock.   All we can do is have faith it will keep turning.
.   Another point well taken is that if man were to have been transformed from some small amoeba billions of years ago, why has evolution stopped with man since the time of Adam?  If it were true, wouldn't I still be evolving?  Under this theory, I should have grown another set of arms or perhaps a tail so that I may swim.  Man produces man, not fish.  Birds produce birds, not elephants. 
So, knowing that life produces its own kind, I'm interested in learning where I came from; my genealogy, my divine heritage.  It makes me believe that God must be in our own image. 
“And I, God, created man in mine own image, in the image of mine Only Begotten created I him; male and female created I them” (Moses 2:26–27).

I love just love Science!

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