Monday, August 15, 2011

Top 10 places I'd rather be

Was just thinking and dreaming about places I'd rather be, than sitting in front of my computer with a touch of the stomach flu.  Yuck.

10.  Riding a Harley down Pennsyvania Ave.  Washington needs a wake up call.
9.  Being at Walmart at 10 PM and running into friends that truly knew why we were both there.
8.  Merchant Square on Arizona Ave in Chandler, Arizona (antique mall)
7.  Quilting with the old quilt group in the Ray 2nd ward cultural hall. It was always a blast.
6.  Going to Lake Tahoe with the fam, staying in a cabin, and renting Kayaks.
5.  Going to Sacramento with my friend Vickie.  When we go, the day is always a vacation.
4.  With my mom cuttingout quilt squares.  It's the one past time I have in common with my mom. (besides being a mom :)
3. With my husband at the Macaroni Grill.  ( that place can make any date seem romantic)
2.  With my sister Leslie at Goodwill.  If they try to close early, she will have your back.
1.  With my sister Kara, out milking the cow that we don't own yet.
       (leslie, you'd have been number one.  But you have yet to promise to own a cow with me.)

what are your top 10?

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Partial kitchen remodel

Family bonding in our family happens the best when we are in the middle of a home improvement project. It is grueling work, but its funny how everyone wants a piece of the action. I'm not sure whether its because they want to take a turn destroying something that they would otherwise get in trouble for or if they are afraid mom and dad will get all the fun.

"Before"   icky yellow grouted tile

Demolishing the old tile

You need the right gear:  gloves, goggles, and ambition.  Can you see my ambition?  I'm wearing it well, I think.

It's supposed to come out in sections.  Mr. T was hogging all the fun.

I told you if you want fun experiences like us.... you need to get the hammer and just lay into your counter.

There is something for everyone to do.  Even when you are the smallest.

Don't forget to clean up as you go. You'll have tile flying everywhere.  Guaranteed.  You can step on the pieces and it can really mess up your floor.   You'll need a pry bar guy, hammer girl, sweeper, picker upper,  hauler outer, and someone to poor drinks and anything else you might need while your doing your demolition.

The kids decided their brother that moved out a month ago should come to our party.  When  he arrived, he got handed a broom and dust pan.  (Next time you'll bring pizza with you, J)

We finally removed all the tile. By the way, I don't have pictures, but treating the crew to pizza really solidifies the bonding event.  Just sayin'.

What color would you paint this kitchen?  .... would you paint the cabinets or leave them alone?  You can click on a picture up top to see the family room colors right by the kitchen. 
Please reply, I'm very remodel un-savvy and need all the help I can get. 
This is the new corian counter top

The workers are installing as I'm posting this.  Check back another time for completed remodel.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making Lemonade ... even when poly grip looms over my head.

My sister, Kara, always had a phrase for me whenever I would get discouraged about my schooling.  She'd say: "How do you eat an elephant?  .... One bite at a time."  Well for the most part, this has proved to be true, until today.
I just found out that the 4 year college I should graduate from has changed the curriculum for my major:  Special Education.  Additionally, they deleted the major or rather integrated it with elementary education.  Over half of my classes that I've taken are not included in the new curriculum.  This was a major downer for me, a mother of 5, going back to school over 40.  It's hard enough to study for my classes with out knowing that when I'm through, I might as well have been watching "I Love Lucy" reruns. 
Let's just say that tonight... that a bite of elephant is just plain too big for my mouth.  IN fact, I don't even like the taste of elephant tonight.  I know I should see the light at the end of the tunnel, but when the carpet is pulled right out from under me, it's quite hard to see what's ahead, instead of what looms over you.

I know I should make the best of it, and these are definitely lemons I was handed.  So maybe I will try to make the lemonade that has been poured for me  a wee bit sweeter: 

I'm sure that Heavenly Father must have another plan for me and maybe the path I was on needed to be changed for some  reason I do not know.   At any rate, somethings got to change or I will really be that 80 year old woman collecting a diploma with my polygrip grin and designer disposable pants.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh what did you do in the summer time...

I've been a little busy this summer. This is only a part of what I've been up to.   Family Reunions, Girls camp, thrift shopping, 4th of July activities, Young women Retreats, Summer time with the kids.  Glad to get a rest before I resume school.

Okay, I originally had a picture with yours truly beside my bullseye.  But being the unsavvy camera gal that I am, deleted it.  This was all I have of proof that I do indeed have skills.  1st time evah!  Girls camp, 2011

Keeping up with all the Young Ladies at camp in my charge.  What a beautiful bunch!  Love these girls.  Can you find me in all that dirt?

Finding Fun Old phones at garage sales.  Yes, it really does work.
Making festive 4th of July Jello.  Ummm,... not my favorite recipe, but it was great entertainment!

Festive 4th of July punch.  I had to make several batches to perfect.  Would definitely do again.... if... I can remember the trick.

Finding fun treasures at Goodwill.  Sorry to the old man that wanted it for his bedstand.  Word of advice, always put in your cart what you think you might want.  You can always pull it out later.  he he.  By the way, what should I use it for.... any suggestions? 

Laurel Retreat with the Bishop and his wife.... and Todd.

Driving to Arizona around the 4th of July time.  Seeing old glory and getting a lump in my throat.

Tent mom to 9 wonderful girls.

Storm watching with my kids:  Priceless