Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forget Not...

If you were to listen to this broadcast last night, you would understand what the forget me nots have come to mean to so many women.  It was a touching reminder to " forget not" some basic truths.
You can view the entire talk of  president Uchtdorf by pressing this link HERE.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Some ties are just too expensive

A man stood in line in front of me at a local thrift store.  He was purchasing a tie that was a little dull in my opinion: black, tan, and brown.  He seemed to be a little unsure of his selection and asked the young girl close to me if she liked it.  I don't know if she really didn't have an answer, or if she was just more people savvy than I, for she simply said she did not know.  When the man turned to me, he asked me if I liked the tie he was holding.  I really didn't like the tie, and somehow I'd convinced myself that since he asked me, I was entitled to give my honest opinion.  "No, sir.  I don't like the color black with those other colors."  A glare shot at my face and right through my head.  He could have nailed it to the wall 50 ft behind me.  Me:  " Of course sir, that tie would look great against the black pin stripe shirt you are wearing.... and what do I know anyway.? ha ha".  I'm not sure he even listened to me, and I watched him hand the tie very resolutely to the cashier.  He gathered his belongings and left the store without another comment to me or to anyone else.  I learned something that day. And it rang loud and clear.  People have a distinct need to be valued and appreciated, and.... to have their thoughts and feelings validated.  The man was probably going to buy the tie anyway, but was looking for someone to affirm his  choices that day.  Sadly, I missed out on an opportunity to build up the self esteem of someone else.  I still wish he'd found a sky blue tie to go with his black pin stripe shirt....but I'm not willing to pay the price. It's too expensive.

By the way, if you really are interested in buying one or both of these ties, you can purchase them by pressing on this link:  Etsy: Ragdollady55.  I don't know her... but I borrowed her picture.  Just figured I should help her sell them now.