Tuesday, November 29, 2011

daily doings 11-29-2011

Went to school.  Went on a Virtual fieldtrip to Glacier National Park.  Made dinner.  Picked up John from school. Took Kate to a play date.  Watched "Castaway on the Moon" on netflix with the family for family night.  Went to bed.

The movie we watched is a Korean knock off of Tom Hank's rendition of "Castaway".  It was entertaining to say the least.  All the dialogue is in Korean and unless you happen to know a little of that language, you'd better plan to read the subtitles.

Today,  Got up.  Took Benadryl for my allergy.  Got too drowsy and  stayed home from class.  Did some sociology reading.  Practiced my Spanish flashcards.  Can't study.  Going to lunch with my friend.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas trees of the past

Okay, Okay so I have missed posts for the last three days.  But, those reading have not lived up to their end of the bargain.  The deal was that I would blog for 30 days if those reading would leave a post.  
( which a-hemmmm)   None of you have and I know you are reading.  
 But I digress....

Post #4 in my  30 blog fest.

 There is nothing more sweet than watching your kids decorate a newly put up bare tree.  I remember fondly those memories of begging our parents to hurry and get a tree. After finally getting the freshly cut tree from the tree lot, my dad would stick it in a bucket of water to soak up moisture before bringing it in the house.  We could hardly wait until we could go to the attic to bring down all the ornaments to garnish its branches.  
I loved all the traditional ornaments we would put on the tree:  the tin bells that over time lost the clapper, the breakable glass ornaments that we hung up with the cracked side turned to the wall and hoped no one would see so we would have more ornaments on the tree, and the large bulb strand of Christmas lights that no one uses on their tree anymore. 

When we were young, most of our ornaments consisted mostly of the homemade ornaments that my siblings made in Elementary School.  You know, the colored macaroni wreaths that had a school picture carefully taped behind, and the Christmas trees that had pompoms glued all over them.   Today, I have carefully saved all of those from my kids and they are the favorite box of ornaments that they  love to reminisce over, but they go right back in the box to save for the child that made it.  
What do you remember from your childhood tree.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nutty Mishap

Day 3 of my 20 day blogfest!
Well,  it's official!  I finally have something noteworthy to post in my 30 day blog fest.  Last night, I thought I'd sit and enjoy some of the stash of nuts that I bought for the holidays.  After a few, my tongue swelled up so bad, it felt like there were marbles in between the layers.  Finally,my nose and lips swelled up and got numb.  Miss Emily tried to wisk me off to the E.R.  but I wouldn't hear of it. ( I wouldn't smell of it either.)  I took Benadryl and sat at the computer trying to figure out if I was going to die.  Out of the 10 or so dangerous symptoms before anaphalactic shock, I had 7 of them.  Yep, I suppose I should have made the trip.  My doctor confirmed that today as well and scolded me a little for my apparent confidence that everything was alright.  To make things worse, the pharmacist told me that I could not get the epi pens filled because my insurance had not pre-approved them and unless I wanted to pay 243$ for the cash price, I'd need to come back on Monday.   Great!  Thanksgiving Eve where creams, nuts, and breads are being generously prepared and she wanted me to tell my lips to behave themselves.

At least I do have something of which I can be grateful for and it would be that I'm still here with my family, still blogging, and not in more of a wad than I could be.  ** Katannuta for this Thanksgiving time!  I'll take it.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


"From a Buddhist point of view, the Pali word which we translate in English as gratitude is katannuta. The word katannuta consists of two parts: kata which means that which has been done, especially that which has been done to one, to oneself, and annuta which means knowing or recognizing. So katannuta means knowing or recognizing what has been done to one, that is to say knowing and recognizing what has been done to one for one's benefit."
from: answers.com http://www.answers.com/topic/gratitude

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daily doings 11-22-11

 Day 2 of 30 day blogfest!

√    Got John off to school     (this was a big check)
√     Wear the cute scarf and flower I bought at a women's conference this last May.  Remember my post?  click here

√     Enjoy compliments of my cute scarf and flower

√     Clase de Espanol 

√     Thanksgiving shopping at Winco

√     Arranged the flowers that I bought at Winco
√     Called the dentist for an emergency visit for John 

√     Paid my bills

√     Filing all my bill
√     Make dinner

Still to do:
Study Geography Lab 
Try to stay out of the Reece's pieces I bought for Thanksgiving weekend.

Try to stay out of the Reece's pieces I bought for Thanksgiving weekend

Try to find one thing to clean before Thanksgiving weekend and hope I don't run into the Reece's pieces that I've put in the kitchen cupboard.

Buy more Reece's pieces for Thanksgiving weekend   :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

No dust bunnies here! 30 Day blogfest!

I admit the reason I haven't blogged lately is that I don't have alot of time to sit and create cute anecdotal stories to please.   My life has been somewhat topsy turvy as school bears down on my time and robs me of any creative juices that may have been flowing in my veins.
One of the uncool things I see about blogging though, is that most blogs get started and fall down the ladder of "have beens" and  forgotten memoirs  I do not want to become a dust bunny in the closet and have decided, on the example of one of my fellow bloggers, that I will embark on a 30day blog fest.  I promise to come back and post a few tidbits  every day, no matter how trivial its seems, if you promise to leave a response when you read my blog.    Deal?  DEAL!

For starters:     Today, I awakened and re-evaluated my plans for the University.  I have my next four years planned out.  It felt good to make some important decisions and see that those decisions were actually lightened my educational bucket.    As I walked Miss Kate to school, I looked up in the sky, smelled the cool air, and smiled.  I felt as though a cloud lifted and I could see a fresh bright future ahead of me.

Later, I went to my Geography class.  We were tested on weathering, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  I missed four problems which is an improvement for me.  I felt good about that until I came home to my online Sociology test.  50% is pretty bad, yet, I realize.....  I don't have to run down the graduation field with a 4.00 GPA.  I just need to pass.  I failed a test today, and I am still okay.