Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Friends Flag Quilts

I promised pictures!

Julie's Quilts:  This one has the blue plaid backgrounds around the flags and a true navy blue border.

Julie's Quilts:  This one has a blue/red plaid border with a more pale look.  


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


12 Star Salute by Cotton Pickin' Designs
Debbie Foley and Valerie Boman

Once upon a time, my friend Linda asked me if I quilted .  My reply, "No way". Now I did a lot of sewing at that time, but I did not categorize myself in the group of women that sat around a quilt on stilts with our needles and thread quilting someone else quilt. At least in the olden days, that is what I remembered my mother and other women doing when they used the term “quilting”.
Soon after our little conversation, I saw this pattern in the local craft store. Flags were "IN" at this time and I purchased the pattern feeling that someday I would "learn" the art of making this quilt.  Linda found out about my little purchase and the two of us embarked on journey of selecting fabrics together.  Linda, unbeknown to me, showed her purchases and patterns to another acquaintance of ours , Julie, who was already in the process of making the flag quilt.  If she was sewing "the flag quilt", she was welcome to join us.  We had to keep our focus, you know!!
We started sewing at our local church, each one bringing a sewing machine and letting our kids play in the gym at our feet.  Julie soon brought Annette, who did not make the flag quilt initially, but later joined us making the traditional flag quilt.  Tiffani soon joined, and our little group of four grew to five.  We had good times, flag mishaps,  and many other quilting projects, (which I will post later).  
Three of us moved away that year, ending a season of sisterhood and quilting, but who knew this little rectangle of the Red, White, and Blue, could bring friendship and Joy to 5 ladies, forever changing our lives.  It is a treasure we will never forget.

 Julie, has been endlessly trying to get me to post pictures of the flag quilt that I made.  So, here they are:

Background with Red, white, and Blue plaid binding  folded over the front.

Free motion quilting.  Some people pay others to do this, but why let them have all the fun!

Close up on Flag against tan calico background.   SO FUN! 

The whole kit and kaboodle!  The pattern called for  blue backgrounds around the flags, but I opted for the tan and brown homespun fabrics.
If I can get my friends to send them, I will post additional pictures of the ones that they all finished.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finding your purpose

It just occurred to me that the reason I never finish cleaning the house is that I might ask if there is  anything to do afterward.
 ( You know, after your kids come home from school and whine, "MOM, there's nothing to do?"  )
Well I've concluded that God does in fact provide a way for us not to get bored. He gives mom's  housework; so we don't ever tell Him we are bored and ask "What can I do"?

 I know ...(sigh) ... I think I've misplaced my sanity.