Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daffodils: Flower of hope, whisper of safety

 As I was preparing to brown a  roast in a frying pan, I received a call informing me that  one of my friends  was diagnosed with cancer.  This was no ordinary friend.  This was a woman which was twice my senior.  She was a mother to me --away from home-- when I lived 800 miles away from mine.
 Our friendship started  at a time when  I had small children. I  was home all day with them and just needed some "me" time to talk with adults. Conveniently, I knew of a lady around the corner that always went walking in the evenings and had the  urge to ask her one day if I could join her.  She informed me that I could only walk with her if I could keep up since as she wasn't waiting or walking slower to accommodate me.  She had a job to do and she let me know it.
This walking started a journey with her I will never forget.  We shared, we laughed, and probably cried a time or two, but we always went out walking  every night.  Snow or shine, she'd call and ask if I was going.  I'd bundle up with my scarves, hoodies, coats, etc and head out.
Well, I did keep up with her and we went everywhere for a few years.
When we would near the end of our walk, she would ask, "Are you ready to go home?"  My reply was always, "I'm not ready to go home".   "Me neither", she would say, and we would head out again in another direction.
Years passed, I moved away... and she did too.
Later I moved back  to town and she still comes to visit at the home she still owns.
When I found out about her cancer, I literally dropped everything and got in the car to go see her.  I knew I wanted to go to the floral dept. and grab a small bouquet for her, but as I locked the house and headed toward the car,  I noticed some small blue bulbs and I had the impression that I should dig some up. So, I went in the house to find a small vase or container, but the ones I found did not have openings in the bottom to drain.  So I shut and locked the door for the second time to head to the floral dept to buy a bouquet for her.  I didn't make it very far again because I spotted my pale yellow flowers in front of our mailbox. I tried to put the thought out of my mind knowing that they would have much better flowers at the store, but I pulled back in the driveway and knew I'd need to go inside again for scissors.
  On returning the scissors to the house, I looked up at the stove to notice that the pan I'd heated  to brown my roast was still on.  I was horrified.  Twice I'd walked out without checking the stove and twice, a prompting of the spirit indicated that I needed to stay and clip MY flowers. You see, If I'd got them from the florist, who knows but my house would not still be standing when I returned.
I thanked  Heavenly Father under my breath, wrapped my lovely flowers in a wet paper towel and headed out to see my friend.
As I rang the doorbell, I couldn't help but feel the familiarity at her house that I'd felt years before when I used to greet her on her step before a walk.  She didn't answer and I left the flowers with a note on the doorstep.

Hours later, she called to thank me, and to express her sadness at the future that lay ahead of her.  She was always careful not to eat junk, (unlike me), and to be careful to count the grams of fats before consuming anything that might make her less than healthy. (unlike me). I can't imagine why such an ugly disease had to find her (someone so careful and healthy) before it found me. (the one that never cared how much fat or sugar was touching my lips.  One that was always overweight from a lack of discipline.)

"Diana, did you know that you brought me the flower for cancer?"
"No... I didn't know there was a flower for cancer."
"My daughter saw them and told me that they sell these at her school for cancer victims. The Daffodil is known as the flower of hope".
I was amazed by such a revelation, not only because they had sent a small message of peace to her, but daffodils saved my house from possibly burning down.
I'm so glad God talks through his flowers!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking for peace... finding some answers

People all have questions about where they are going or why their lives go the way they go. Some people look for answers in something new they buy at the store, from  habits or addictions that don't bring lasting satisfaction, or maybe... from someone's blog they may read that they don't even know.  It is to you that don't know me that I point my remarks.  The General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will be held this Saturday and Sunday.  I want to share this because I really believe in the teachings in this church and know if you are looking for answers in your life or want to find a church for you that you can find these answers this weekend.  I have had similar times in my life where nothing made sense and I needed something to bring me peace and perspective.  I found these answers each time I listen to conference and apply the teachings all year long.  I'm hoping as you take the time to explore what conference offers you that you will pray about the things you hear.

 My hope is that you will find the answers from conference you are seeking.  I would love to hear back from you on my blog about those things that touched your heart.  
Utah Time:
Saturday, 10 a.m.; Saturday, 2 p.m.; 
 Sunday, 10 a.m.; Sunday, 2 p.m.

Pick your language at the link below.,6353,310-1,00.html

Other place to visit conference: