Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rite of passage just to go to college

In order to gain admissions to the 4 year college in my city, I must be current on my tetanus shot. I finally went against all my better judgment and had my doctor administer one. I told Mr. T that he needs to watch me because I might even DIE. I tend to believe all the conspiracy theories of immunizations and all that other mumbo jumbo. I haven't died yet... (I am writing this)... but I did have some side effects and I was a real basket case this weekend. I was emotional, achy, and really agitated, and plain just not feeling good.
I decided I'd look up side effects of the D Tap shots and see just what my demise was going to be. It says these shots are given to children at 2mo, 4mo, 6 mos. And other ages. I never saw age 43, but then I found the following statement: “D Tap immunization is generally required before a child can start school.” I figured they were right and that it was a good thing that I can now go to college.
I continued to look up side effects and could not find a thing about baskets or cases, but I did see that crankiness was a very major symptom and I had a lot of it. Soreness at the injection site can cause one to feel unwell, but Tylenol can be administered to help one feel better. Additionally, it said in rare cases, one might cry for 3 hours straight. Although I felt very much like crying for 3 hours straight, I have put on my big girl pants and I'm on my way to becoming a student of the big school. I  just need a good long belt to sinch them up.

Friday, October 14, 2011

HI MOM, I know you are reading my blog.... call me on my cell phone or get on Yahoo messenger.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am a Mormon and I am Christian

Lost Lamb by Del Parson
It is not for us to say who in the deepest sense, is or is not close to the spirit of Christ. We do not see into men's hearts. We cannot judge... It would be wicked arrogance for us to say that any man is, or is not, a Christian.

~ C. S. Lewis

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just keep swimming!

Going to school ain't no cake walk.  Some professors are with you and some are simply not.  It gets discouraging from time to time and sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you are doing a good job.  One professor of mine does not  like to answer questions and seems uninterested in anything you have to say. Asking her questions is like trying to get a cat to  listen you while you recite the pledge of allegiance. She hears you, but she simply is not  interested in what you have to say.  I have been discouraged by this teacher and have even vowed not to ask questions, EVER!  My faith in the teachers' academy has been tainted, and I will not give in.  Today, I happened to get an e-mail from another professor that had responded to a newly graded paper.  It simply said, "GREAT JOB!"  It's all I needed to set aside my differences and to try, try , try once again.  Thank you to all teachers that take the time to encourage a student to "just keep swimming ". Because maybe I will.