Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rah Rah... SIS boom bah! Pep Rally!

I'm having a hard time with school these days. I'm plain wore out.  I feel so stressed and ready to throw in the rag and say I'm ready to hand out brochures in Wal-mart.  (No offense to those that might really do that.  It's an important job I'm sure. I just want to be prepared one day should I need to step in and be the sole bread winner)

  My dear sister sent this to me to help me see that I can't give up on my schooling even
when it's hard for me. 

Do you like the little picture drawing of my sister in the right hand corner with pom poms...?

I'm thankful for the cheerleaders in my life!
I'm also grateful for a wonderful husband who whisked me away on an over nighter last week to get away from it all.  
Tomorrow I face it all again.  But, now I've been armed with my school mascot, the elephant.  Hopefully this pep rally will last me 7 more weeks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Updates

John auditioned for All State Choir and made it. He loves singing and works hard to perform at his best. Additionally, John landed the male lead role as the prince in the school musical, "Once upon a Mattress". He loves acting, singing, and making people laugh. I have yet to produce a picture of the two different costumes I made for him. We call them his "dresses". He is so very talented and enjoy participating in his life.

Kate entered her science project into the school fair and won second place in her grade. She was so thrilled to find out her hard work paid off.

The rest of us lead pretty boring lives... you know, going to school, doing homework, cursing at our professors.... (at home of course). But we stay busy and hope one day our lives will return to normal and we can once again sit and watch the reruns of I Love Lucy.