Friday, May 25, 2012

Random Mercies of Happyness

Have you ever been just living your life, you know... like walking down the street minding your own business and you run across random things that seem to come out of nowhere?  The things that are miniscule in the whole picture of life, but none the less seem to jump out and be  the really big things on days when you just wonder if anyone knows who you are and what your life is about.  Well, I want to share a couple of those days with you.

   On one of my trips to the library bathroom, I was tired and feeling really crappy.  I walked in the ladies room and found this sticky note.  Usually I think, "uh, yeah right.  That's not for me".  But that day I really truly believed that the message on the mirror was for me. 
At first I tried to stay out of the picture and just capture the message.  But then, I realized that if I truly believed the message, that I would capture the whole experience on camera. 
 (for posterity)

Another day, I was out grocery shopping and feeling like I really didn't like like my life and how stressful things have become with school, family, and church.  As I put my groceries in the car, I noticed a car parked next to mine.  It belonged to a person that undoubtedly was living a much better life than me and I was  suddenly struck with a streak of envy that I was putting my groceries in the wrong car.  It was definitely a message that life is to be enjoyed not piloted with the dashboard light lit up on "auto".

This picture was taken on a weekend that my husband took me away for a quick get away from my stresses. I walked into the bathroom and found my college mascot: the elephant. 
Elephants have special meaning.  If you don't know, click here.

Make sure you come back though to read the rest.  :)

I was at the public library on day with my daughter and as I was browsing,  I was lamenting my lack of desire for reading. I was thinking that if I read more, I'd have some huge vocabulary.  I'd be using words like "voracious" and "gregarious" and stuff like that.  (stuff my professor uses to impress all of us incoming  Juniors)   I still have no impressive vocab and I still have no desire for reading.  
 No doubt it comes from semesters of reading huge textbooks and thinking that reading is the last thing I want to do after a long day of studying.  
  This particular day, I was thinking to my self, "self, isn't there anything that would help you to love to read more?"  Which is the part where I stumbled upon this book.  I had a good snicker ... chuckle...  and down right.... laugh out loud.  Whatever you want to call it, I had it.   I picked up the book and browsed through it.  I'll tell you, this book was enough to never want me to read again.  It was downright boring.  Don't ask me why... I tried several times to pick it up just for the sake of maybe gaining a love for reading.  Never the less,  I very carefully re shelved the book and left it for a WORM that might savor it better than me.