Sunday, September 2, 2012


I'm taking a semester off from school.  I'll be back... but it kinda breaks my idea of blogging about doing something I felt was an integral part of my life: Getting my education.  However, being a stay at home mom is integral and very important too.  I've just forgot about how to do it. 

tr.v. do·mes·ti·cat·ed, do·mes·ti·cat·ing, do·mes·ti·cates
1. To cause to feel comfortable at home; make domestic.
2. To adopt or make fit for domestic use or life.
a. To train or adapt (an animal or plant) to live in a human environment and be of use to humans.
b. To introduce and accustom (an animal or plant) into another region; naturalize.
4. To bring down to the level of the ordinary person.
~ Webster's dictionary
Let's see ...
1). I can puff up the pillows on the couch now and then and invite someone over for hot cocoa.
2.) I have let out many seams on my pants and shirts to allow room for additional matter.
3a.)I am watering a small cactus in my kitchen.  It's use reminds me of Arizona.
b.) The cactus should be outside in the desert but seems to be very happy on my window sill.
4.) I can't even fit into the $100 pair of LUCKY jeans that I purchased for 50% off and wore once.  Therefore I can't even try to be cool and shnazzy in a pair of brand name attire.
So far I'm well on my way to being domesticated again.