Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is the cup full or empty?

Here I sit trying to make sense of why I have a blog.  I don't write anymore.  Perhaps I have never found my niche and what it is I want to say.  I don't have an expensive camera that takes real time photos of my life and children in HD.  The fact is... my camera broke over our summer vacation and frankly  don't have one at all.  I try to take photos on my cheap net 10 phone.. but it won't upload without having to make a trip to costco and all to put 2 photos on a disc. 

so then, my demise has been on what to write about.  My life is very ordinary and uneventful .  If something real  happens in my life,  I wonder if my blog comes across as negative and pessimistic.  I have no time to make overstuffed pillows, document what items I bought from which grocery store and how many cents I save per item, or come up with come clever way to glue skewers on to the back of a mirror. I don't try to think of something to write just so I can get readers to earn me 1/10 of a penny per click.

So why am I here? So here I am.   Trying to change the date on my blog so it doesn't seem so useless.  I have always wanted to write and inspire others.  My dilemma has been that most daily doings in my life are usually not things that you can sugar coat and excite people with.  In fact,  everyday life does not always come strapped with seat belts fastened in the upright position.  Most of the time, we are unbuckled, falling out of our seats, and hanging on for dear life.  I have realised that even in those hard or frustrating times, there is still good in the world.  It is with that premise that I wish to share the real, share the good, but even the ugly.  I still want to uplift and inspire... but not through rose colored glasses and eating cinnabons smothered in dripping cream cheese frosting.

Here's to 2013!