Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lovestone on Mother's Day

One day while serving, I asked one of the residents if they had any children.  I knew Mother's Day was coming up and wanted to know whose children would be stopping by.  This lady's eyes started tearing up and drops fell down her wrinkly cheeks.  Her lips quivered and she mumbled that she didn't have any.  I told her not to cry that I was just making conversation.  She continued to cry and I told her she could adopt me.  She seemed to be okay with that and I wiped her eyes with her blanket. 

I thought about her all that week.  It was Mother's day on Sunday so I thought what I might take her.  I went to home depot looking for a small potted plant and came home with some African violets.  When I got there that Sunday, I found her in the dining hall just sitting there.  I went up and gave her a hug.  She hugged back.  I told her I wanted to give her something for Mothers' Day.  I gave her the pot and she was so proud.  She tried to smell it but to no avail.  I did have some chocolates for her gave them to her.  You would have thought she hadn't had chocolate in years.  (she probably hadn't especially if she didn't have children) 

I got to wish my own Mother a Happy Mother's day and so grateful for giving me life and contributing in such a profound way to mine, but I also got to gladden the heart of one elder sister that may have not ever had the opportunity to  be thanked for her motherly contributions to the world.

I wish all women would understand that it's not bearing children that make you a mom, but the nurturing footprints on the heart of others that make you truly blessed.