Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hello world... this is me!  in case you have forgotten.  My blog, almost lost forever, rekindled.   

As I've read past posts and gone through old drafts, I came across one that for some reason never got published.  It is appropriate to publish today since I've met and passed this goal on time:

"I'm sure you've heard that phrase, probably more notably in the movie, from Napoleon Dynamite, where he says, "your mom goes to college".  It rings true for me, though, since I am that momma.  I embarked upon a journey 4 years ago that I now cannot look back at.  I must look forward.  Upon figuring up the requirements for my new degree, I can declare with my feet facing forward that I can and will graduate Spring of 2015. "

Endless days stretch before me
waiting for my feet
to bravely traverse their
unknown paths.

Held in the comforting grasp of time

I stand tall in the face of forever
watching hazey golden dreams
dance around the doorway's crown.

Whispered voices beckon, enchantment awaits

and my heart bursts free of chains
I step through,
closing yesterday's door behind me.
-Author Unknown.